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41 53 air updating errors

Within each [fltsim.n] section are parameters that define the details of that particular configuration set: The tail number displayed on the exterior of the aircraft.This parameter can also be edited from the Select Aircraft dialog (if the atc_id_enable parameter is set to 1).The paths are either relative to the root folder of the simulation, or absolute paths -- which can also point to locations on other computers (using the "\computer name" notation).For Windows XP the file should be in the C:\Documents and Settings\ To see the effects of a change, the aircraft must be reloaded (this is because aircraft are loaded into the memory cache from disk, so you have to flush the cache to enable your changes to take effect).Indicates that some essential files are missing from the aircraft container.If the files are missing, the aircraft will not usually be displayed in the Select Aircraft dialog box; as a result, this error is rare.While using different panels, all Cessna configurations use the same sounds, and thus the sound parameters in all the fltsim sections point to the single sound folder in the C172 folder.

This information will be displayed in a description box when the aircraft is selected.For example, the Cessna 172 can be found at: Sim Objects\Airplanes\C172\The file specifies the versions of the aircraft included in the aircraft container, as well as the attributes (name, color, sound, panels, gauges, and so on) for each aircraft and where to find the files that define those attributes. Brackets enclosing the section name identify the various sections.In order for the simulation to make proper use of any variable, it is important that the variable be located in the correct section.While exact spelling is important, none of the terms is case-sensitive.Normally aircraft containers are added to the Sim Objects/Airplanes folder, however this is not a requirement.The file has entries in the [Main] section determining which path to search for aircraft and other containers.For example: Additional paths can be added to this file.While these configuration sets share many components, they can each use different panels.The panel= line in the respective fltsim sections thus refer to the respective panel folder for each aircraft: For example, panel=ifr means that this version of the C172 uses the panel files in the subfolder.For instance, there are several versions of the Cessna 172, all housed in the same C172 aircraft container (folder).The various versions must vary by their title, and may also vary other items such as the panel, description, and sounds.


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