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Include an image or symbol of her waking in the morning to provide assurance as to what will happen.Social stories have proven to be a particularly successful tactic in decreasing a youngster's anxiety by providing clear instructions on how part of her day is likely to play out.Praise for good behavior, and reinforcement by way of something like a Reward Book, can assist.

If left to their own devices their difficulties with social interaction and self management can result in anxiety.

For siblings without Aspergers, the differential - and what at times no doubt appears to be preferential - treatment received by an Aspergers sibling can give rise to feelings of confusion and frustration.

Often they will fail to understand why their brother or sister apparently seems free to behave as they please without the normal constraints placed on them.

If necessary, when giving directions to stop a type of misbehavior, these should be framed as positives rather than negatives (e.g., rather than telling a youngster to stop hitting his brother with the ruler, the youngster should be directed to put the ruler down).

Almost all kids go through periods of development where they become engrossed in one subject matter or another, but kids with Aspergers often display obsessive and repetitive characteristics, which can have significant implications for behavior.


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