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Am i dating a female sociopath new brand of dating sites

I have no conscience nor do I have a real identity. But after years of playing different roles and characters it's hidden deep down somewhere, where I can't find it anymore. I completely break my partners down once they are caught in my web of lies.

And once I got them were I want them..master plans began.

He was crying non stop, feeling utterly helpless and lost and wondering what had happened to 'him'.....

the him he used to be before I crossed his path in life. :) I did pity him afterwards though, he never did speak to his father again after that. I say I am sorry when I "hurt" my boyfriends or girlfriends, and it comes off as a sincere apology..I don't feel sorry.

I will then move on to that persons family and meet their parents and eventually get close to them as well.

I will charm and flatter them with sweet comments and compliment them on the decorating scheme. I will find out things about my partners parents such as where they work and how much their salary or financial income is.

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I will make you feel understood and that I am your soul mate and we are destined to be together.

I will observe and carefully watch and find out very quickly everything I need to know about them right down to their body language.

And I listen and engage in the most boring and mudane conversations.

This is exactly what a Sociopath is and does when in a "relationship".

I am a female Sociopath, well that's at least what my diagnosis defines me as.


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