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Anime dating sex sim game Reallifecam lina and mark video

Drawn with a mouse, this is my first dating sim for guys... your parents will approve :) Trust Bomee's humor, k?

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▼ From left to right, Kiki Lala-loving Ryo, My Melody-smitten Yu, Pom Pom Purin-passionate Kota, Hello Kitty-infatuated Shunsuke, and Cinnamoroll-infatuated Seiichiro Like any good dating simulator, the game takes place on a high school campus with a tree that’s supposed to fulfill the wishes of young lovers.

On the other hand, unlike many titles in the genre which obscure the face of the player’s in-game stand-in, the female lead’s facial features are clearly shown in certain pieces of artwork.

However, most men, especially in the West, would feel too embarrassed to say they play bishōjo erotic games.

That stigma I mentioned before kept many fans closeted for decades and there are still a few even today who aren't quite comfortable being public about it.


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