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So don’t think that you can start racking up new debts.If you consolidate and you spend money like a drunken fool, you might as well put a couple of oars on your credit card because you're paddling straight into the perfect storm. For those who are serious about getting out of debt, consolidating will be a great help if : There is no single program or agenda for consolidating debt.As you can see, this is considerably less daunting.However, this financial breathing room comes with a price.

The lower the APR you can find for this option, the more appealing it is.When companies advertises that they can "save you money," what they are usually referring to is simply a reduction in your total monthly payments -- not a savings in the cost of paying off your debt in full.By consolidating your payments into a single loan, you might be paying one monthly payment that is smaller than the sum of the other monthly payments, but if they stretch out your term for a longer period of time you could actually end up paying more interest.For example, if you're carrying balances on three different credit cards with interest rates of 10% , 15%, and 22% respectively, you may be able to combine those three cards into one payment with an interest rate of about 12%.A simple grouping could save you thousands every year and ease the pressure on your budget.In some cases it might make sense to negotiate debt settlement on some specific debts before considering a broader debt consolidation program.It's no secret that most people who are awash in debt typically have poor credit, so high rates and fees may do them in slowly.Once you have entered everything you wish to consolidate, click on the "Calculate Current Debts" button.Next, enter the consolidated loan's rate, term and any origination fees that might apply and click the "Figure Consolidating Costs" button.IMPORTANT: In order for the this calculator to work, each obligation must have the four left-hand fields filled in (for interest-free debts enter .001 just to satisfy the APR entry requirement).Debt consolidation allows people who are struggling with their finances to group their obligations into a single payment.


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