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He has long pink hair that goes slightly over his shoulders, but he usually wears it up in a messy ponytail.He also has a bad taste in fashion which depends on his mood.He clearly told her after the tragedy that he was going to join Kairoshuu in the Iga village.His only intention was to protect his sister from the pain of their past.He'd try to be as much of a normal teen as possible, and only use his psychs when necessary. Neku can always be seen wearing loose beige shorts, decked out with huge pockets trimmed with purple fabric and a button(which Shiki obsessively fixes), and a dark purple sleeveless shirt, baggy round the neck, with a thick band of lighter purple down the middle, accompanied by a small line of yellow on either side. The last, and probably most important thing about Neku's appearance is the pair of large purple headphones he wears 24/7, which he uses to block out the sounds of people around him, as well as a small white mp3 player on a cord around his neck.Character name: Raikou Shimizu Fandom: Nabari no Ou Timeline: Post Ch.Eventually, he and his sister, Raimei, both gained the twin swords of Gamon.Raimei was given the black and, himself, the white. Another protest came out of their uncle's mouth and now the two children were there to witness it.

He thought the Shimizu clan isn't something to be proud of.

Meanwhile, those that opposed the head approached her, and Raikou, who sympathized with their goals, was with them.

A tragedy struck when his uncle hit Raikou's father with the end of his sheath technically killing him, because he was already very sick, and his mother was outraged.It is a techinique that can grant wisdow to the person who his possessed by it, with this technique, the Shirabansho can grant absolutely any wish.Before that, he had a classmate that he wanted to help because her parents were killed by a con organization and she wanted to avenge them.He slaughtered those that attacked him despite them being like his family, even his uncle who begged and pleaded.His younger sister, Raimei, happened to walk into the moment with only a biased sight.63Age: 20~*Magical*~ abilities and strengths: Raikou is capable of using the sword very well, because he grew up in a family of samurai.He is able to use any other weapons around him, such as nun chucks and kunai. : Raikou will only uses his skills when he needs to uphold some sort of justice or to help people, but they are in a way only viewable in his eyes.His mother had prohibited him from interfering in foreign matters.The surface world was where 'normal things take place' and the ninja world is known as the ninja world where ninjas exist.



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  3. Or how about Mos Def?”. since he didn't want to start trouble when he was dating Deb. Reply; Parent;. LiveJournal. Find more. Communities; RSS Reader; Help; Shop;

  4. Sep 25, 2014 · This week we discussed relationships with our special guest, KoM; Mr. Keep On Moving himself! This dude's music, his flow is amazing! He really is Where.

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