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MY experience is not going to be the same as everyone else’s.

At first, I was stressed beyond belief thinking we were going to get stuck paying this lease or a fee for breaking the lease.

I searched for examples of a termination of lease document type for our situation and could not find anything useful… I had no other option, I had to pull on my legal writing course in college, and hope I came up with something that would get us out of our lease. I fretted for days after sticking that envelope in the mail as I waited to hear back from our landlord.

I began to draft a letter to the landlord to make sure I gave this notice of the termination of our lease to our landlord with at least a 30 day notice. And then the text came, the text from our landlord: “I received Kevin and your letter in the mail today…” (*** I have included my lease termination document below with names and details removed to hopefully serve as a tool for anyone who needs to get out of a lease due to being re-stationed***) *; with the final month of rent being covered by the last month’s rent payment submitted upon signage of the residential lease, with any remaining balance being paid on or before the rent due date period for the month.

As I read this description, a grin grew across my face, extending from ear to ear.

I saw the light at the end of the tunnel; I knew this was our way out of our lease!


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