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However, Uncle Sam's NIT hidden on the commandeered Playpen website was able to determine the IP address of the forum's users.The Feds then took these addresses to ISPs, such as Comcast, and demanded details of the subscribers assigned those IP addresses.That decision kills off Werdene's attempts to throw out the prosecution's evidence that he was a Playpen user."We hold that the NIT warrant violated the prior version of Rule 41(b) and that the magistrate judge exceeded her authority under the Federal Magistrates Act.It didn't matter where the users were, according to the warrant, the FBI was allowed to unmask and collar them.

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The FBI took some flak for the way it handled the Playpen sting.

Agents for one foreign government, working with the FBI, previously used a specially crafted video to snare dark-web pedos, yet it's not known exactly how the FBI's NIT works.

Now, we've got some extra details, thanks to this case.

We therefore will affirm on alternative grounds the district court’s decision to deny Werdene’s suppression motion." The case did reveal some interesting details about the FBI's mysterious NIT.

In the past, the agency has actually dropped cases against suspected sharers of underage sex videos rather than reveal details of its Tor privacy exploit.


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