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One method of maximizing resources is to allow customers to share computing and networking resources.In one implementation of this method, a service provider creates “logical” partitions of computing resources on primary processing units (commonly known as “mainframe” computers).So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.

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As used herein, the term “database” means any collection of data stored together and organized for rapid search and retrieval, including vithout limitation flat file databases, fielded databases, full-text databases, object-oriented databases, and relational databases. 1 provides an overview of the Control Service Capacity process.a performance manager or customer service representative) (102). 1, a Capacity Planner initially selects the process path as required (103).The selections available to the Capacity Planner include producing or maintaining a Capacity Plan (104), handling a Control Capacity Request (105), and performing an analysis/review of Control Capacity Requests or issues to determine any areas of concern (106).To effectively plan for and manage Capacity Resources based on future customer capacity requirements, a Capacity Planner must examine existing resource and workload obligations, as well as available resources and usage data.A person skilled in the art will appreciate that a Capacity Planner must also consider relevant policies, standards, and contracts when developing such a plan.Furthermore, a person of skill in the art will be familiar with the various embodiments of particular software tools that are available in the market, and they are not described in detail here.The following discussion and the accompanying figures also describe the use of databases in the preferred embodiment of the inventive process.Typically, a service provider contracts with several customers to provide a certain level of service to each customer, and creates or assigns a logical partition of resources to each customer to fulfill its obligations. 6,625,577 B1 issued to Jameson discloses a method for initially allocating resources, but does not provide a method that is suitable for responding to a customer's demand for additional resources in a shared computing environment.One or more of the contracts, though, may allow for a margin of increase in the event of high peak usage. Thus, there is a need for a detailed planning process for allocating available resources, anticipating the need for additional resources, and responding to a customer's demand for additional resources.For many years, network technology has enabled the sharing of, and remote access to, computing resources around the world.One computer can readily exchange data with a computer down the hall or in another country.


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