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The web address is and the name is RAE – Research and Exploration – Never Stop Learning or Class of Federico. Any questions that you have can be posted as a comment.

The posts for each class will be released prior to the class and in some cases the evening before.

This class will be delivered in 2 hour schedules every Monday morning.

The content will be posted on this blog as well as on My Kangan.

In a work place you will sometimes be lucky to work with people that you easily get along with, but unfortunately you might often have to work with people that you might not easily get along with.

A professional looks beyond this and finds ways to function in a professional environment with a range of personalities.

You are expected to work towards goals independently and to be able to operate as part of a team.

I’m not sure why he’s the mentor for ‘Glee-ality’ but I’m not upset. So here’s the best video of the homework assignment that I could find! I liked the swings and the party and having everyone back! But I couldn’t really see him as a certain role on Glee. I mean, I don’t hate her and she has a great voice and I can so see her on Glee, but she’s not my fave contestant.

Because there’s only 3 people left, they all have to sing last chance performances. Before I tell you who it is, I’m gonna tell you who I HOPE it is. I liked her from the start and people agree that she’d be cute with Artie, not to be stereotypical. He’s too sweet to be a jock and too young to be at NYADA.

Don’t worry though, we will do this at a good paste, so that you have time to do it yourself.

It is important to ask questions when learning a new topic.


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