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Bf2 bfhq not updating james dean dating

I've asked for a more thorough tutorial on the website (maybe something in the ballpark of what Sat Nav/Chump did initially) and I'm still waiting, we ALL are. I've posted several requests for an idiots guide for dummies because of the same questions Blaze posted.It took me a full day to set up the first one from big hamster from scratch and it worked great ....after a full day on this new one, I gave up frustrated and felt pretty dumb ..of the questions above needing proper answers (from blaze) would be very helpful. I removed all of what I accomplished due to frustration. Nova's guide was great, it contained pictures, but it only supports Big Hamsters release.

The tutorial is actually pretty helpful and has visual explanations (which is great). Sgt Kzi - It doesn't carry over to your multiplayer records, it's your OWN records for offline play, allowing unlocks, badges, and stat-tracking of your bot matches. 2)Install My SQL on the web server3)Create a new database and import bf2(called my database BF2STATS)4)Create a new ASP (uppercase) directory on the web server5)Copy the contents of the bf2statistics ASP directory into your ASP directory6)Edit 1)If using SF mod, skip to step 32)Copy the content of bf2statistics bf2/python directory into your python directory3)Copy the content of bf2statistics xpack/python directory into your python_xpack directory4)Edit the appropiate so it points to the ASP directory on the web server Blaze, I know, believe me you're preaching to the choir.

)# --reload: Read all fa ok files (normally ignored because they shows they already have been imported)# --force : Ignore Lock-File (people seem to have problems with it)# --optimize : Do a OPTIMIZE TABLE on all tables (Do not run every time !

)### SETUP## ATTENTION : There must be an / at the end !

YES, I have entered it VERBATIM from the example given on "patch -p1 You need to copy the patch-python-scripts-windows.patch from the big hamster file, into the logs file (i think) first.

then install all the crap, also copy the file into the same directory in on your proper bf2 folder.


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