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The Tree of 40 Fruit has forty varieties grafted on to one rootstock.Species such as blackthorn (Prunus spinosa), are grown for hedging, game cover, and other utilitarian purposes.Other species are occasionally cultivated or used for their seed and fruit.A number of species, hybrids, and cultivars are grown as ornamental plants, usually for their profusion of flowers, sometimes for ornamental foliage and shape, and occasionally for their bark.The trace amounts may give a characteristic taste ("bitter almond") with increasing bitterness in larger quantities, less tolerable to people than to birds, which habitually feed on specific fruits.

The flowers are usually white to pink, sometimes red, with five petals and five sepals. Flowers are borne singly, or in umbels of two to six or sometimes more on racemes.

Gum is produced in response to any type of wound: insects, mechanical injury or disease.

reconstructs a partial phylogeny of some Rosaceae from a number of nucleotide sequences.

The Princeton finds are among a large number of angiosperm fossils from the Okanagan Highlands dating to the late early and middle Eocene.

Crataegus is found at three locations: Mcabee Falls, Idaho; Republic, Washington and Princeton, British Columbia, while Prunus is found at those locations and Quilchena, British Columbia and Chu Chua, British Columbia.


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