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Cacti graphs stopped updating

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Pants, napkins, the dark material of my glucose meter case. And I’ve never been a licker, although I have many friends who are.

The spreadsheet grew fancier over time, adding graphs, goals, and historical snapshots.They’re these little sticky squares of sheets that adhere to the inside of your meter case (or Fossil makeup thing that you’re using as a meter case) that you can use to soak up leftover blood.Like a teeny-weeny stack of Kleenex made just for PWDs and their poor, leaky digits. (And despite the name “Diabetic Dabs,” they actually don’t have diabetes, as far as I can tell.) I’ve had one stack stuck to the inside of my Fossil case for the past month, and I really do love them.Since then, we’ve gone into a slack period in the “thinking about money” department.The income to pay for our modest lifestyle is just automatically , which automatically gets paid at the end of each month, from a bank account which automatically gets filled up each month from the rental income and investment returns.My feeling on the matter was, “Well, since I am spending much less than I earn, what’s the point of using a budget – I already know there will be no shortage!” The thing I was missing is that you should still know how much you are spending, because that tells you how much income your investments will need to start providing once you start your early retirement.and I started to become more interested in watching the progress of our early retirement savings project.So every weekend, we’d log into our separate Vanguard accounts and compare notes.I’m not just saying that because I got them for free.* (Karen agrees with me.) The little sheets are insanely absorbent, so you barely even have to touch your finger to the sheet to get the blood off.And they don’t feel like another diabetes accessory that’s hanging around and getting in my way, because (unlike a lot of other d-things), they actually I feel like I’m actually doing a legit, semi-hygenic thing by using Diabetic Dabs, evidenced by the fact that I don’t have to check to see if anyone’s watching before I use one, they way that I used to do when I wiped my finger on my pants.


  1. Check rrd file updating. Down in the same log, you should find some. rrdtool update filename --template. You should find exactly one update statement for each file.

  2. Responses to “TEMPer Temperature Sensor Linux Driver” Valarie Moore Says October 28, 2009 at pm Reply. Rather than TEMPer, I bought a.

  3. Way back in our working and saving days which peaked between 2000-2005, the Mrs. and I started to become more interested in watching the progress of our

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