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Canadians are often very proud of their natural surroundings, Canadian weather and their heartiness with respect to enduring the weather.Canadian musicians, writers, film producers and actors (comedians especially) are also a great source of pride.When meeting Canadians for the first time, there are a number of topics that can be touched upon.But the first question on first contact will be: what do you do?They want to know about other places, including the food, customs, music, the political climate.These interactions may differ depending on how the contact is made.Most Canadians know something about local or national politics, but many do not concern themselves with such issues.In any case, you will hear Canadians complain about politics and politicians but they are also very sensitive to how they are perceived by outsiders, so it is best to refrain from criticizing.

Virtually all Canadians are eager to distinguish themselves from Americans.As the cherished image of many Canadians is of a tolerant society that is also more socially minded than that of the US, discussions of social classes, racial or other discrimination and private medical care are to be approached with care.Generalizations about Canadians can also raise sensitive issues of regionalism.This relation is expressed often to mark the differences between provinces and also to assert their difference between themselves and their Americans cousins.Humour should be approached with caution in Canada, as in other places, because the sense of political correctness is very strong in many social circles.If people really want to know a lot about a given subject, they will ask questions; otherwise, it is best not to get too seriously into any one topic.Appropriate topics of discussion will depend a lot on the crowd.Topics to be avoided on first contact are money, salary, religion, and politics, especially the separatist movement.Newcomers to Canada can use the interlocutor’s cues for approaching topics or subjects during a first rendezvous.Asking questions about marriage or children can be interpreted as too personal by some.Generally, it is good to keep conversation light and, if possible, funny.


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