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Surely there is no need for patriotism in dance music.

When Luke Slater appeared in Oxford less than 20 people turned up.Ash I read about Karl Hyde’s drink problem, I couldn’t help remmbering the article you did with them in Shummer '96 (after the shucshesh of 'Born Shlippy ) in which you got them to review a shelecshun of shtrong lagers. I have actually had shares in the Aquarium (one of the best house clubs in London on Saturdays) since it was opened by my brother in January 1 996.Sho, Mushik, do you feel guilty about blatantly encouraging Karl to get pished, and therefore helping him shlip into alcoholishmand unconshoushnesh?! The reason for the use of the name Matt Nelson on some adverts is purely the promoters' choice.This is the sort of bitchy comment I 'd expect from that other UK dance magazine. I agree in part with the comments made regarding aggressive bouncers and outrageous bar prices, but that is it. As a regular London clubber for the last 1 0 years, I have gone from Club UK to the Satellite Club at the Colosseum and now to Freedom at Bagley’s and enjoyed a lot of good times. With your attitude towards clubbing, who needs you?! However, what you do with that music is also of equal importance in DJing.I don't dress like shit, I dress how I want and I couldn't care less what anyone thinks of how I dress. Agood DJ can take music onto another level, blend, build and break down music to the level of complete euphoria for a crowd and maintain a sound that is unique only to themselves.I hereby hold you directly reshponshible andshentenshyou to14pintshof Shtella, a kebab and a fight with a minicab driver. I have only agreed to let them use 'Matt Nelson' if they print 'Slipmatt' next to it.As for being a rat deserting a sinking ship, the hardcore scene is actually going rather well in most areas at the moment.He has stated more than once that he enjoys playing and collecting house tunes, and has done so for a good few years. Certainly had me going until I got to the bit about ONI M8E, even if it wasn't quite up to the match of your Cream in space one. A letter in last month's edition claimed that "music is the only important factor in DJing and mixing doesn't matter” (Muzik46).Only last month, he went down a storm here at a new house night. The thought of genetically modified super-clubbers was great - being able to club non-stop all weekend then turn up for work not feeling like a Teletubby on downers. SUSAN SHAW, Stockport London Clubs Rule I WOU LD like to respond to your Letter Of The Month (Muzik 47) from Helen Stirling. Maybe you should try Freedom or Peach and if you still feel the same why don’t you fuck off back up north. lagree that the music is of uncompromising importance.The album includes the singles ‘Bad Girl', ‘Good To be Alive' and ‘Everyday Girl'. ‘Carboot Soul’ is another fine selection of beats and breaks that cany lovingly constructed tracks straight to your pleasure centres. this month’s recommended dance albums [r&b/hip-hop MEGASTORES MOUTHOFF Get things off your chest.Write to Mouth Off, Muzik, IPC, King's Reach Tower, Stamford Street, London SE1 9LS.


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