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Groupthink leads to poor decision making and typically results in a lack of creativity.but there is always an opportunity for creative things even within a strict limits of religious dogma, so no amount of groupthink in a social group can suppress skeptics.It emphasizes the rule by elites and adherence to the state.

There are several similar terms with the most popular alternative term being "political correctness".

As John Ralston Saul noted this interesting fact in his (The Unconscious Civilization): Corporatism, asserts Saul, creates conformists who behave like cogs in organizational hierarchies, not as responsible citizens.

Moreover, today's managerial-technocratic elite, while glorifying free markets, technology, computers and globalization, is, in Saul's opinion, narrowly self-serving and unable to cope with the economic stagnation (aka permanent recession).

The Challenger space shuttle explosion, The Bay of Pigs invasion, The Korean War debacle, Vietnam War, Iraq Invasion all can to certain extent be viewed as examples of situations where group communication failed and groupthink prevail.

Although in case of wars we probably have more of have a deliberate effort of the elite to enforce their views of society via propaganda mechanisms.


  1. It is quite common for the recipient to put your card in their wallet, which may then go in the back pocket of their trousers. This is not an insult. Meetings.

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