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Paul's been more of an arch rival to Suzie than he's been to Karl and even then Suzie's always had his measure.Karl and Paul's arguments have always been brief, one sided and more like a mothers club fight with Paul just getting narky.However something I found vaguely interesting (because I have no life) is the differences between the set houses and the real street.Pin Oak Crt New theme Looks to me like the Turners (and possibly Toadie) have stolen some of the council's land and extended their own properties. :) There is a few other obvious difference too but it doesn't appear the others have involved land theft. a/ At the moment, it's a Gary said/ Paul denies everything. b/ He'll induce Gary to jump bail and live in another part of the country.The following characters have been confirmed as making a re-appearance on Neighbours: Harold Bishop (Ian Smith)Madge Bishop (Anne Charleston)Nina Tucker (Delta Goodrem)Guy Carpenter (Andrew Williams)Des Clarke (Paul Keane)Lucas Fitzgerald (Scott Major)Sky Mangel (Stephanie Mc Intosh)Tom Ramsay (Gary Files)Hilary Robinson (Anne Scott-Pendlebury)Lucy Robinson (Melissa Bell)Janelle Timmins (Nell Feeney)Vanessa Villante (Alin Sumarwata) As well as the usual goings-on in Erinsborough, it's going to make for a very interesting year.Suppose if we needed more proof that the producers and writers are more focused on the UK viewers than us here it is. Most of this story was leaked before the UK media got hold of it because we've known for a month or so that Bro Bren is joining the show and that there was the possibility of other family members joining (family members we've never heard mentioned until now).

When I saw Little L's list of returning characters, and assuming that they'll all be arround the time of the 30th, my first thought was for accommodation and how cramped the houses may be.Paul's financial records would show money of a similar sum being removed from somewhere. And the fact that Cardboard made it official by bringing in the government overseer lady.With all that Paul should go down, but of course typical of the show he wont.I just hope they get it over and done with quickly rather than dragging it out and again making Paul into some above the law moron.He's been Super Karl in my eyes for many years, even when he is wrong he is right, he faces challenges with open arms and beats them, he is a medical genius the likes of Dr House can only hope to become and he's a maestro when it comes to musical talent.The "corner" houses are still part of the larger Ramsay street, they face the main strip. I used to live on a corner, the address was based on the direction the house faced (the direction to walk up to the front door, and where the letterbox was and driveway), which happened to be the longer boundary.Our neighbours on the corner opposite us were the same.Surely Paul can't just make Gary leave the country and suddenly all will be forgotten. And how about Super Doc, at Sonya's one minute then the next minute at the hospital with Shelia. Yeah I realise he's going to get away with it because he gets away with everything but just making Gary disappear (even to another country) seems way to ridiculous.Cardboard may not be the best cop in the world but too many 'official' things have happened to just let Paul walk away without even a slap on the wrist.News 3 big cliff hangers for the UK EOS where as we have seen those resolved and all we got was Shelia's heart attack (wasn't it? What I wonder is whether any female members will have the same ideas about wandering around half dressed and whether all those fans who called for a topless Brenbren will also cheer for a topless female of the family. Despite only being two main stories tonight's episode was quiet busy.I was feeling sorry for Gnomes up until the 'tomorrow night' bit when it appeared she was turning on Kyle for ringing the fuzz.


  1. Daniel MacPherson. Daniel Donald MacPherson born 25 April 1980 is an Australian. He began dating his Wild Boys co-star Zoe Ventoura in 2011.

  2. October 2017. FamousFix profile for Zoe Ventoura including biography information, wikipedia facts, photos, galleries, news, youtube videos, quotes, posters.

  3. Know more about Zoe Ventoura Wiki, Boyfriend, Dating. Zoe Ventoura Wiki, Boyfriend, Dating. Right now she is dating her boyfriend and partner Daniel MacPherson.

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