Dating a bandmate

Two of the leading Scottish acts to emerge from the 1980s music scene – Texas and Horse – were honoured for their contributions to the industry.

In fact, the life of a musician can make relationships hard.

“But it happened again, and again, and often.”During a break from touring with Nine Inch Nails, whom White also played with, the bassist allegedly visited Addams at their friend’s apartment.“He forced me on to the floor with his hand around my neck,” she wrote. “The pressure and guilt of the inevitable repercussions of my rape story affecting my band’s livelihood, happiness and success kept me silent for years.”White has not addressed the accusations but also issued a statement announcing he would not be on Manson’s tour. “I will be taking a leave of absence from Marilyn Manson and regrettably will not be performing on the upcoming tour.”" data-reactid="31"“I wish to spend this time with my family and focus on maintaining my several years of sobriety,” he said, according to Blabbermouth.

I am offering you the advice of a young, at times disheartened yet resilient musician in his early twenties, who has been in enough bands to know better. Just because it was your idea to start up the band, or just because you were the founding member, doesn't mean you own the shebang.

The following statements sound very preachy-meachy and they have been written in such fashion to make a lasting impression, and perhaps to make me look a little tough. But really, I'm just trying to share my humble, sincere opinion on why several of my bands didn't work out. It should now become the property of the band as a whole and its respective members;\n\n2.

Give every member an equal say when making decisions;\n\n3.


  1. Feb 9, 2013. Seriously. Most likely, you're really cool and a great person to hang out with for days on end which is why our bandmate is dating you. But the thing is, there are already too many people in the van. And even if your SO really wants you there, the rest of us don't. No offense; just sayin'. It makes some people.

  2. Jilted schoolgirl launches viola case acid attack on bandmate in revenge after she started dating her ex-boyfriend. The attacker, 17, pled guilty yesterday to culpably and recklessly pouring sulphuric acid into a viola case. Share. By. ALEXANDER LAWRIE. ; Updated. News. The drain.

  3. Mar 30, 2017. Lauren Jauregi is finally putting an end to the rumors that she had a romantic relationship with former bandmate, Camila Cabello. Harmonizers – a very dedicated group of fans – have been shipping Lauren and Camilla since the beginning, even giving them the nickname “Camren.” The rumors only.

  4. Apr 5, 2014. My 'sensual' nights with women, by Debbie Harry Blondie star reveals she is bisexual despite relationship with bandmate. Now 68, she was 1970s pop pinup who adorned millions of teenagers' walls; But she had love affairs with both sexes, saying women are 'more sensual'; She wants 'somebody nice.

  5. Dating a musician, regardless of gender, is not always easy. Bandmates spend a great deal of time together, and they form close bonds. While that's perfectly natural, it's important to realize that whatever your partner shares with his or her bandmates, it doesn't take away from the relationship you have with your partner.

  6. Just in case you weren't up to date. Larry Stylinson is more than a bromance It's a lifestyle. Well, according to some. Here's your. It's also the theory that the bandmates are apparently together, in all sense of the word. There are Tumblr accounts dedicated to their relationship, very detailed erotic fan fiction has been written.

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