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Dating adults games

These activities help break the ice and makes learning more about your faith, church and friends fun and entertaining.

If you are organizing a retreat, there are numerous retreat game ideas available both online and in Christian books.

Have everyone pair off into groups and ask each other questions to figure out whose name is pinned to their back.

You can offer a prize to the first group who guesses all of their names correctly.

To make this game more challenging, try starting the song in the middle of a verse.

Have a large chest of costumes and props available for the teams to use.

The other members of the team will try to guess what scene from the Bible is being drawn.

The team that guesses the most scenes correctly in the time frame allotted will win a prize. Bible Pictionary Bible Taboo Cactus Games Outburst-Bible Edition Bible Trivia Challenge Cards Guesstures: Bible Edition Apples to Apples Bible Edition Have each person tell two stories about themselves, one that is true, and one that is false.

The game continues until the second team either guesses the word or phrase correctly or is “hung”.

Then, have the teams switch places and repeat the process.


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