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Dating and giving space

Find out how much is the right amount of attention to give a woman to build attraction. Do you want to learn how much attention is the right amount of attention that builds attraction and doesn't kill it?

Smothering someone with attention and affection is something that both men and women struggle with.

The best way to increase attraction is not to smother your crush, but to give her some space to come to you.

So I’ve put together some reasons why giving a woman too much attention backfires and some solutions to these problems.

You want to have a life that women want to be a part of.

At the beginning stages of dating, women are typically attracted to men who are unresponsive and those who seem harder to get.

That's because he's usually the one giving women the least amount of attention.

Playing hard to get is beneficial in dating because it shows that you value yourself and your time and that you won’t just let anyone into your life.

Most of the time, women don’t know that he has a girlfriend unless they’re told, so they work harder for his attention. In conclusion, it’s important to understand how women communicate differently than men.

They act extra cute and flirtatious and try to mirror his aloofness. For most men, one of their strengths in communication is that they are direct and to the point.

Women consider men who act like this creepy or not confident, which is the opposite look that you’re going for here.

You want to come across as dominant, not in a Think of it this way: do you ever go out with a group of your guy friends and get frustrated that your guy friend who already has the girlfriend is getting all of the female attention?


  1. Feb 2, 2018. You're dating the girl. What's interesting about this scenario is how you are now seeing her regularly for dates and stuff like that. It's really important to give her space in order to not seem creepy. She is living with you. If she is living with you, this is where it could get tricky. You owe her a lot of space while.

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