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One couple bonded over religion, two more over humor.One friendship started in Boston, another in the halls of a fictional hospital.But the following famous bromances all have one thing in common, as sang by the very first pairing listed below: "As if! " "Do you prefer fashion victim or ensembly challenged?" One of the most beloved comedies of the 90s, Clueless gave us countless memorable quotes that are repeated by Betties and Burn-Outs alike to this day.

C-squared is expecting her first child with new husband Donald Faison, she announced today, following Jess' lead in breaking the news via social media.

Beyonce,” with Cobb replying, “If she likes it then she better say YES!!

” Faison, 37, was married once before and has a child, a son, from a previous relationship.

The news was first spread by Faison's Scrubs costar Zach Braff, Tweeting: "Congrats to @donald_faison and @caceecobb on their engagement."With Jessica Simpson cozying up to Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, can we expect double dates with her BFF, Ca Cee Cobb, and boyfriend Donald Faison?

Faison, the star of Scrubs, recent addressed that pressing issue.


  1. Former Scrubs star Donald Faison and longtime girlfriend Cacee Cobb are engaged, PEOPLE has confirmed. The news was first spread

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