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Dating divorced dad long distance

I just feel that, when I am more relaxed and could enjoy more time with him on weekends, he is not as available as someone in a normal dating couple would be.

Another thing that bothers me is that he was divorced seven years ago but his cell phone plan is still under his ex’s family plan.

But “normal” doesn’t necessarily mean right for you.

If parenthood doesn’t leave your boyfriend with enough space in his life and heart to suit you and make you feel as important as you need to feel in order to be happy in a relationship, it is OK — it’s essential, actually — that you own that, communicate it, and MOA.

How could he cut off from her completely and still maintain relationships with his daughters?

It’s kind of essential that co-parents, you know, stay in touch with each other.

I know economically the family plan is always cheaper, but I just can’t understand if it is a sign of not cutting off with his ex completely.

He has a very good relationship with his ex in-laws too.

Am I making a fuss or is what concerns me and makes me uncomfortable reasonable to worry about?I don’t know whether to stick it out and get to know him more or walk away. We’ve talked / texted every day for the past month.Early days but I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with his situation and really don’t want to be his counsellor for his wife.They come visit their dad every weekend, which means on weekends we can’t talk on the phone freely during the daytime.He is close to his daughters and values the limited time he has with them. Muscles, a guy I met in Chicago at a college friend's wedding. So here is the abbreviated story of what has happened in the last year. So that we wouldn't let sex cloud our judgement, we held off on seeing each other for awhile.Like, years ago when my (live-in) ex-boyfriend and I broke up, I kept the window unit we bought together not because it reminded me of him and our relationship, but because he was moving into an apartment with central air and I wasn’t.Everything you’ve described about your relationship with your boyfriend and the way parenthood affects it is normal. His relationship to his ex and her family is normal (and healthy, it sounds like).When we think of major events in our life as transitions, we can visualize these life transitions as a continuum where there are stages, just as there are stages of grief when we lose someone close to us.Divorce is often described as the “death of a civilization” because a marriage is like a civilization with its own people, norms, and complex history…


  1. Dating divorced dad long distance. I continued to see her during college and even after, when I came home for attraction waned because of distance, guilt.

  2. I am dating a divorced dad with two teenage girls — 16 and. “My Boyfriend is Too Close to His Ex In-Laws. We are in a long-distance relationship.

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