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Dating for movie lovers

Yep, it's the stuff that might really happen that scared the poop out of me.There's definitely something to be said for getting a good scare in; something about being at home in the dark left to the void, I guess.The Omen didn't scare me because of the demon stuff but the sheet of glass cutting off the guy's head, that still scares me when I see a big sheet of glass.It didn't help when I sliced my arm one time at work with a big sheet of steel that had slipped out of my hands as I was working with it.but I just googled it and it was made in 1979.another really good one was 'Cube' which is a Canadian film made in 1997.seems like anything that involves interdimensional stuff scares the hell out of me.My favorite comedy/silly but fun scary movie is Killer Klowns from Outer Space.

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. Silence Of The Lambs (Anthony Hopkins is just plain frightening)Alien (creep alien, it's dark, it's always dripping water...)Halloween (After Jamie Lee Curtis stabs him in the eye and she staggers to the bedroom door.Hands down my all time favourite movie is Silence of the Lambs ...I could watch any in that series over and over again.The Exorcist, Psycho, From Hell, The Vanishing; all really good movies.I'm terrified of the voice and costume of the main character in Scream, and even more terrified of the telephone when it rings in that movie.Having worked in a hotel for several years The Shining gets me good every time.Not an overall jumpy kind of scare, but that creepy sort of fright that sticks with you for a bit.When you can see the zipper in the monster's suit, it just becomes a comedy.Things jumping out will make me scream but when they turn our to be stupid like zombies, or lake monsters, it's just silly, so the plot better be damn good.I never liked all the friday the 13'th, Freddie Kruegar, Texas chainsaw massacre etc.. The ones that always scared me the most had spiritual/religious ties.Crap like The Omen, Prophesy, angels, devils, demons, satan. Phuck all the chucky and doll movies also And evil clowns kill me to!


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