Dating laws in ca

Most states will not permit registered sex offenders to reside in communities near schools, playgrounds, or parks.California law allows a marital exemption so that the marriage partners of married minors are not charged and prosecuted under the statutory rape laws.

The charges considered statutory rape in California include: Depending on the ages of the individuals who are involved and on other factors such as prior criminal convictions, a statutory rape charge may be filed and prosecuted as either a misdemeanor or as a felony in California.While it is a reality that many California teenagers are sexually active, according to one California court, “that fact alone does not establish that minors have a right to privacy to engage in sexual intercourse.” Thus, in the state of California, it is against the law for a legal adult – someone age 18 or older – to engage in sex with a minor – anyone below the age of 18 – even if the sex is “consensual.” Adults who break that law can be charged with statutory rape.Statutory rape laws presume that minors are incapable of consenting to have sex.Sexual assaults may also be prosecuted under the state’s assault and battery laws and child enticement and abuse laws.However, to win a conviction in a statutory rape case, a California prosecutor does not need to prove that any assault, force, or coercion was involved – it is still rape.Generally speaking, the statute of limitations for statutory rape will depend on the age disparity between the alleged victim and the defendant.If the two people involved are less than three years of age apart, the statute of limitations is one year.The state contract law gives the customer the right to cancel a dating service – "by mail, telegram, or delivery" – within three days of signing up, and states that cancellation is effective when deposited in the mail.But the law was passed in 1989 in response to the aggressive pressure tactics used by sales employees at the time and had not been updated since.The average age difference between a teen victim and an adult defendant in California statutory rape cases is seven years, nine months.Some states like New York have different laws, so contact a New York criminal lawyer.


  1. This worksheet is not a complete review of all California sexual abuse reporting requirements. © National Center for Youth Law. Jul. 2004. This chart may be reprinted providing any reprinting be accompanied by an acknowledgement. Chart available at When Mandated Reporters in California Must.

  2. Many innocent people get falsely accused of 'Date Rape'. California criminal defense lawyers explain the law, penalties, and how to fight the accusation.

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