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Dating painting by s walters

At first these sarcophagi were made of terracotta, later they were more frequently sculpted in stone.

Two of these terracotta sarcophagi from circa 530 BC found in the necropolis of Cerveteri are of particular importance.

These are topics that also appeared often in Etruscan tombs’ mural paintings.

From the fourth century BC came some coffins adorned not with reliefs but with paintings like the famous “Sarcophagus of the Amazons” found in Tarquinia and important because includes copies of original Greek paintings.

Beginning in the V century BC the funerary coffin or urn of rectangular shape was adorned with reliefs reproducing dance scenes, funerary banquets, or a ceremony mourning the deceased.

Finally, during the last century of the Republic (year 82 BC), Rome dominated the Etruscan people who quickly adopted Roman government and customs.

Etruria was always a maritime civilization intensely devoted to trade, especially with the East, which explains the cultural link with Greece during the entire course of its history.

Thus, the layout of some of these Etruscan tombs allowed to conclude that in the typical Etruscan house there was an element that will remain much later as an essential part of the Roman house: the or central space as a patio which in these hypogea was indicated as a rectangular excavation centrally located, bounded by four or more pillars, and that in the opposite side to the access of the tomb had a kind of chamber or bedroom that came to represent an element of the Roman house later known by the name of was rather complex in these tombs.

Other tombs had circular plan with a single pillar in its center, superimposed on the wall around the entire chamber they had some urns thus coinciding with other type of Roman mausoleum typical of the early years of the Empire.


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