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If it was in the car, I couldn't leave her and the firearm in the car at the same time.In the house they had to be locked up in a location only I had access to.Proshooter is probably a good guy to weigh in on specifics.While you're waiting we invite you to post an introduction in the new-members/ topic and join our discussions...

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IANAL and dont have references for code or laws but would highly recommend you have a safe where the firearm can be locked and secured when not under your direct physical control - just for a CYA.After a bit of reading, I have to agree with DK and Vahunter that as long as you maintain total control of them in a gun safe to which only you have a key, you should be OK - or if the firearm is "Under your control" - i.e., in your waistband holster, etc.One thing that can put a kink in it is if the felon is on parole or probation and conditions of the parole or probation is that no firearms will reside in the home with him.I had a similar situation four or five years ago when the person, a girl, I was dating was a felon.I kept a concealed firearm on me most of the time, and had them in my home. After getting the quick "company you keep" lecture he informed me that I had to maintain positive control of the firearm at all times.My opinion is that it has much to do with the character of a person and the choices that a person makes in their life.If someone makes a choice to swindle people out of money or any other sort of "white collar" crime, then their character is immediately called into question.The biggest concern I had was how I could prove I maintained positive control in my home.Even with the firearm locked away, if she were in my home with my guns how could I prove she couldn't access them? This wasn't exactly legal advice, and was about my specific make a financial crime/fraud/other mistake - and you get punished with no chance to protect your life?or, like in your situation, spend your time and money and lots of it to fix the problem - I know that would be hard for me to afford.


  1. Ruger Mark III and 22/45 Accessories include barrels and uppers, grips and frames, magazines and mag loaders, parts and trigger tune up, scope mounts and sights.

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