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Dating site template html5

Via Crucis is another term you will see used here, the stations of the cross following the last days of Jesus.Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus is betrayed by Judas and arrested , Jesus is condemned Jesus is denied by Peter, Jesus is judged by Pilate, Jesus is scourged and crowned with thorns, Jesus takes up His cross, Jesus is helped by Simon to carry His cross, Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem, Jesus is crucified, Jesus promises His kingdom to the repentant thief, Jesus entrusts Mary and John to each other, Jesus dies on the cross, Jesus is laid in the tomb.You will also see penitentes, who often carry wooden crosses and some of whom walk barefoot.

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Cartagena takes tronos to another level, with vast swaying structures of inverted chandeliers and extravagant floral displays, which are so enormous that watching them trying to exit the church is an entertainment in its own right, some only squeezing through the doorways with a cm or two to spare on either side. And in Murcia, getting the sculptures out of churches and onto the tronos is part of the tradition: on the first Saturday of the week Christ is lowered from a window and slotted onto his throne as hes too tall to come out from the church in one piece, and in Cartagena there are legendary spots where members of rival Cofradias will wait to see if their rivals negotiate the tightest corners without an accident occurring.

Other names you will come across this week are Auto sacramental, which is equivalent to a passion play, many texts dating back to the 17 century and still widely performed in churches today.

There are choral performances all over the place, treat after treat as the churches and plazas are filled with beautiful choral music, and most of the concerts are free.

Then by the time we reach Lorca its a whole different ballgame altogether, their biblical floats on an enormous scale, squeezing down the streets with a hairs width to spare.

Some of the city tronos are on wheels, but the majority are born on the shoulders of members of the Cofradias, who are known collectively as Nazarenos.


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  3. The main body of activities begin on Viernes Dolores, followed by Palm Sunday, then processions throughout the week, concluding with the resurrection parade on Sunday.

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