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Dating violence awareness color is chris brown and rihanna dating

I believe acceptance of the serious aspects of this violence can become as publicly acceptable as is breast cancer.

I find it interesting to acknowledge that the percentage of women sexually and domestically violated is significantly greater than those afflicted with breast cancer.

The VAWIR (Violence Against Women In Relationships) committee in Chilliwack has had a Purple Light Nights campaign for the second year.

These girls reported, overwhelmingly, multiple challenges and sources of stress—violence, dating, peer pressure, depression, lack of self-esteem, and family or cultural expectations.This means a fundamental change in relationships, families, and parenting.This means stepping beyond some old traditions, teachings and customs that no longer serve any useful purpose (if they ever did). On my flight last week, the airline was selling pink lemonade and martinis as well as collecting donations--all to go to breast cancer research. So why aren’t the airlines selling grape soda and football players wearing purple in support of ending domestic violence? They have done a superb job of getting corporate sponsorship and involvement as well as extensive media coverage. No one quotes sacred texts to justify breast cancer. I’m sure you knew that because you can’t help but see the pink all around. I am amazed and delighted at the success of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.My baptism of fire was to be silenced as I expressed advocacy for that which has plagued and destroyed many years of my life as a victim of multiple forms of childhood abuse and abandonment.I will find the courage to speak out again showing my purple colors.Because it requires us to change--to change what we do, what we teach, what we tolerate. Fortune Faith Trust Institute is when many villages, towns, cities, counties and states approve next year's financial budget.So I am looking forward to the day when purple joins pink in October as we stand together to say, “We don’t do this here. This past September when I took the podium at a southern county's commission meeting to highlight why funding for victims services of these abuses must not be cut, the Chairman silenced me shortly after I started to address the issue.Were these designated assignments done unconsciously or consciously?Just curious about the history and the decision-making process by those with power and privilege.


  1. Dating Violence is often a precursor to drug. posters in color and placed them in all of their. February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

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