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Deferrment while consolidating funny headlines for a dating profile

I looked into becoming a dominatrix at foot fetish parties.

I tried out for the game show “Who Wants to be a Millionaire.” I finally found a full-time 9-to-5 job with benefits, although the salary was just about what I made waiting tables.

We all have our reasons for being in this situation. After graduation, I spent a few years teaching English abroad and paid my student loans every month without fail.For some reason, I didn’t view wage garnishment as a big deal.I was thrilled that I wouldn’t have to remember to pay my loans every month; the government was basically doing all of the work for me.And still, I ignored my student loans, living as thought I was completely debt-free. But by then, five years into default, it seemed too late to remedy the situation. When the government garnishes your wages to repay your student loan debt, they are allowed to take 15 percent of your post-tax salary — or 25 percent if you owe student loans to two different creditors — and send it to the collection agency.The money first goes to pay collection costs and fees, and then when that has been paid off, towards the principal balance and interest.My income came entirely from the tips I made waiting tables.It was barely enough to cover all of my expenses and instead of setting up a repayment schedule or requesting a financial hardship forbearance, I decided I would much rather just stop thinking about my loans. I won’t buy things I can’t afford to pay for entirely up front. I have no personal or consumer debt, so it was easy to ignore my one and only source of debt.I knew that the minute I earned more money, I’d start making the monthly payments again, so what was the point in dealing with all that bureaucracy? My creditors would send bills each month, and I would throw the envelopes away without opening them.Not paying my loans didn’t seem to have any effect on my life at that exact moment. I worried that the collection agents would berate me for being so irresponsible.Of course, life didn’t go as smoothly as I had envisioned as an 18-year-old. Fortunately, I had a six-month grace period before I had to start repaying my loans after graduating and I was confident something would turn up.This became glaringly apparent 10 years later, when I received an email from the HR department at my company: We are commanded to immediately remit 15% of your disposable pay to the U. But six months later, the only career-related job I’d found was an unpaid internship at a small literary agency.


  1. I’m still getting lots and lots of questions about what to do with your student loans. Although there are sometimes exceptions, it is helpful for.

  2. Collection accounts on your credit report have rules to follow. There are some basic things to consider before dealing with unpaid debts and your credit.

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