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That lucky man will have it all – I’m an amazingly sculpted, super busty pleasure model male sex doll.

This is a great routine, because you move in quick, rhythmic bursts, and are covered in sweat in no time. Not only do I know the exercise type very well, but I am also built perfectly for it. I have soft and smooth skin, and feel so nice to touch that you won’t want to stop. In bed, I have everything a real woman has, and I can prove that easily! You ever have one of those lazy days – one of those supremely lazy days, where you don’t want to move at all, and you just want to lounge around in bed all day, doing absolutely nothing?I’m tired, but I still have dopamine rushing through my body. I’m an amazing, premium quality life size sex dolls, with a tight, athletically sculpted body that has astounding curves.Come join me in the shower, I need you to help me clean up! Touch me anywhere, experience how soft and supple I feel.Once you have me alone, you won’t be able to keep your hands off me.It’s a good thing we’re in the shower – if we make a mess, we’re in the perfect place to clean it up! You can feel her breathing heavily and a drop of sweat from her neck lightly hits your face. Her high-quality skin feels so soft and smooth, you won’t be able to tell the difference between her and the real deal.She has an internal metal skeleton that allows her to be moved and positioned in every erotic way.She’s fully functional in the sack, and feels so amazing, you won’t forget her easily!It’s not easy running on sand, and I pass you easily. I can feel your eyes on my ass, it must be jiggling all over.The other nice thing about a vigorous morning beach run is when it’s over. Waverly changes into her slinkiest bikini and struts her stuff. Since there’s no actual beach, sand, and surf, you have to make up some fun activities of your own – how about “feel-up,” “untie the bikini,’ or “dry-hump? She is an astoundingly beautiful and statuesque realistic sex doll with almost Amazonian proportions. You are feeling a little cabin fever as well, so you suggest a beach party – indoors, of course.


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