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Chuck Lorre, known for his work on Two and a Half Men and Roseanne, teamed up with Bill Brady, known for Married…With Children and The Muppets, back in 2007.

The pair put together The Big Bang Theory with an idea that it may become popular with Generation X’ers and Millennials alike, but little did they know HOW popular.

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So, who in The Big Bang Theory really could be a physicist and who is just playing smart?

The characters previously wed on the season 9 premiere, but decided on a redo ceremony so that they could include their friends and family.

Despite the potential awkwardness of working together after dating in real-life, Cuoco and Galecki have remained close friends since they ended their two-year relationship in 2010.

“Our whole universe was in a hot, dense state…” and then ten years ago something happened. The Big Bang Theory hit our TV screens with, well, with a bang.

Two of the biggest and brightest names in TV sitcoms put their heads together to create one of the most watched shows of our generation.


  1. Kaley Cuoco secretly dated her 'Big Bang Theory' costar Johnny Galecki for two years. characters Penny and Leonard dating. about life today.

  2. With The Big Bang Theory's Season 7 finale approaching, let's celebrate the real-life pair behind Leonard and Penny, Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco.

  3. Leonard and Penny forever! The two beloved characters played by real-life exes Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki exchanged vows for the second time! on Monday’s.

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