Drew Roy can't complain about playing teen-turned-alien fighter Hal Mason in "Falling Skies." Despite a constant alien threat, Hal.">
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Drew roy and sarah carter dating

Drew and Sarah also discuss their budding relationship on screen and how Maggie is a very complex person to love.

Connor tells us a bit about his relationship with Karen and how the two are connected in a way that nobody else can understand.

Drew Roy (Hal), Sarah Carter (Margaret) and Connor Jessup (Ben) talked about the second and upcoming third seasons of the show, gave some insights into their characters and commented on why they think audiences have latched on.

Make sure to take a look at all of our previous Comic-Con coverage here, especially the interviews with other Roy: I like to think that we’re telling this story about this group of survivors and sprinkled on top are these aliens in this post apocalyptic world.

They’re a whole family of half aliens, so does Hal really want to come out and say, “Hey, you know what?

There is a little something for everyone that makes it very easy for a family to watch. We use sci-fi as kind of a backdrop for the rest of the show, which is very much a drama and because of that it appeals to a much wider audience.

I think that’s what brings the family aspect of the show back in sight.

DREW: Again, Hal’s so caught up in his own problems. But for the bulk of the season, Hal is so focused on just keeping everything contained and not letting anything slip because he knows it is for the betterment of the entire Charleston area.

But because of what Hal and Maggie have, she is really the only one that is seeing the pain of what he is going through with these difficulties because on the outside he tries to put up this front of “Hey, I’ve got everything under control. DREW: Yeah, in the same way we saw Tom (Noah Wyle) in the second season, knowing something’s off and wondering how much he can trust himself. It is even showing itself in a more physical way, than just the psychological/mental way.

It might look like it’s not together, but everything’s fine.” He’ll smile through it, but Maggie is the one who goes home with him and sees these struggles. DREW: The interesting thing about this season was that we’re all so caught up on their own stories that there’s not a whole lot of interaction between us, which is how a lot of us end up going down darker paths and sliding off the deep-ends.


  1. Drew Roy Hal finds love--again--on 'Falling Skies'. SHOW PATROL. Hal Drew Roy is falling for Maggie Sarah Carter on "Falling Skies." TNT. July 07, 2012By Curt Wagner RedEye. Drew Roy can't complain about playing teen-turned-alien fighter Hal Mason in "Falling Skies." Despite a constant alien threat, Hal.

  2. Jun 6, 2013. Starting off seven months later, the third season shows how Hal has been adversely-affected by that blasted bug. While attending WonderCon, stars Drew Roy and Sarah Carter provided a few teasers about Hal's ongoing problems as a result his alien parasite infection. It's our understanding that Hal Drew.

  3. Jul 14, 2012. Click the photo below to watch the video of Drew and his Falling Skies co-star Sarah Carter being interviewed during the San Diego Comic-Con yesterday. Previous Post. Drew Roy, Sarah Carter & Connor Jessup – TVEquals Interview. Next Post. Falling Skies 2×06 'Homecoming' Additional Episodic Still.

  4. Jun 22, 2014. Once Roy and his co-stars got over their initial shock, they worked hard to make the story into something they and the fans could get behind. "Because of the surprise, we really took a lot of time to break those scenes down. Sarah Carter, who plays Maggie, and Connor Jessup, who plays Ben, and I.

  5. Apr 11, 2015. Whedonopolis talks to Sarah Carter and Drew Roy at the round tables for Falling Skies at WonderCon 2015. For more videos like these subscribe or visit us at.

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