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Entitymanager merge not updating database

I guess I hold Top Link to higher standards as a commercial tool and expect it to be very feature and quality rich as compared to an open-source tool.

However, I do like the fact that Top Link has native support for server-level caching.

The promoted approach to batch insert entities via session level methods is The same applies for batch updates.

Usage of session.clear() in a more complex context is always risky.

I could use the option "delete-orphan" but I rather control the database with the example you wrote. Do you maind sharing your particular taste between Toplink and Hibernate ? To be honest, I haven't done much work with Top Link.

On the other hand, I have found Hibernate to be buggy and have chronic performance problems.


  1. The entity manager is responsible for creating and removing persistent entity instances and finding entities by their primary key or other query criteria. If you use a constructor to create an object and call setId to identify the record instead of calling find, the existing record will not be updated with a merge call or deleted.

  2. Mar 25, 2017. Technologies used JDK 1.8.0_121 Hibernate 5.2.6. Final Maven 3.3.9 MySQL 5.7.12 Eclipse Mars.2 4.5.2 In this post, we will show you how to persist, find, update and remove an entity using the JPA and Hibernate. EntityManager#persist → This method is used to save an entity/object into database.

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