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Etrade baby superbowl commercial speed dating

However, it turns out that spending million for a 30-second commercial may not be worth it.

One study shows Super Bowl ads create new customers in only one out of five spots.

The dog-retrieving-a-beer gag has been done by everyone from Strohs to, well, Bud Light.One of the best parts about Super Bowl Sunday is the advertisements.It's the one football game when people don't want to get up and get some food or go to the bathroom during commercial breaks. When that baby talks in perfect English and makes wisecracks while talking about investments, that just puts it over the top.But it's hard to harsh on Weego, the rescue dog in this spot from Mc Garry Bowen .The last time Bud Light went this route, in 2008's "Bad Dog," it took a turn for the coarse with a crotch-biting mutt. Better yet, scruffy little Weego's name ties into the brand's tag line: "Here We Go." And just as you're maxing out on the warm and fuzzies, it closes with a plea to help rescue dogs.There are two kinds of Super Bowl fans: those who watch for the football and those who watch for the advertisements.For those who prefer the sport, there were a bunch of great plays in Sunday's game you may want to watch again online — Ahmad Bradshaw's accidental touchdown comes to mind.Sure, they may still be in business, but would they be as successful?One thing is for sure – we wouldn’t be talking about their marketing campaigns.There have been some great ads throughout the history of the big game and with that in mind we have presented the 100 greatest advertisements in Super Bowl history. ETrade put this spot together and the trading baby became a huge part of their marketing campaign. There is video for each one so be sure to watch them all and let us know what you think in the comments.


  1. Feb 4, 2011. For those of you who missed it the first time, we at ReelSEO have put together the complete list of this year's Super Bowl TV advertisers 36 total so far, along with their respective YouTube brand channels and Super Bowl teaser videos. I watched them all and give my own awards to those that stand out.

  2. Feb 2, 2011. This was part of the company's "Crash the Super Bowl" ad, in which people put ads together to try and win the spot in the Super Bowl, which is a very big deal to say the least. It features a. ETrade put this spot together and the trading baby became a huge part of their marketing campaign. If you strike.

  3. Feb 4, 2013. At once laugh-out-loud cute and uncannily creepy, E-Trade has rolled out yet another Super Bowl ad this year that stars its now-famous talking infant. A cunning, sweet-talking kid, this year's E-Trade baby explains in the 30-second spot all the awesomely outlandish things you could do with the money you.

  4. Jan 29, 2014. Where would Budweiser, Apple, Doritos, E-Trade, or GoDaddy be without their buzzed Super Bowl ads throughout the years? Sure, they may. Before they relied on talking babies, E-Trade reeled in viewers with this tongue-in-cheek commercial. Shaking up some beer and giving your date a beer bath.

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