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Fat sex now on camera

I'm convinced that models in fashion photography suck in their cheeks more often than we think. The left image is just about the perfect example of what happens when you shoot from high, high above.

It makes it incredibly hard to smile, but tons of models never seem to smile in their photos anyway. It would seem the higher the camera, the less visible fat on the face.

In the right photo, I'm intentionally pushing my face inwards towards my neck so that all the fat is more visible.

Even if no Photoshopping (sans minor lighting edits) is involved, photographs (including the photographs we're seeing in the fashion-sphere) can be very easily manipulated. The camera lens you're using, the way the light catches your chin(s), and the angles in which you tilt and twist your face and body can all affect the way someone looks in a picture.Additionally, I angled my face so that it was almost parallel to the camera with my neck elongated yet again to create the illusion of a jaw line.This was actually shot from a low angle, yet the effect wasn't automatically a "fattening" one. With my jacket open and my face in almost-full-frontal mode, you can see the many layers of it.Unbeknownst to old me, a ton of lenses narrow your face and body.They're not marketed as "make me thinner" cameras or anything like that. Other than the equipment being different, my head was pushed outwards to achieve the thinner, wild-eyed look, while the fat picture is just a pretty honest representation of me being fat.I spend a lot of my time on the internet, where I was first introduced to body- and fat-positive movements and the many inspirational people who work in different facets of them.But oftentimes, I'll finally meet someone in person — be it a blogger I've followed for years or a mainstream plus size model — and we'll both be taken aback by how different we each look in the flesh.Before I knew what Photoshop was (and before I discovered the not-often-taught concept of falling in love with your own body), I blindly trusted the imagery I encountered in my magazines.I believed the models on those covers must be just as "perfect" in life as they looked in their photos: As thin, as proportional, as curvy "in the right places," as lacking in the visible belly outline and neck fat departments as one could be.Plus, my head it tilted back rather than down, making whatever is happening under the chins all the more visible.There's a lot to be said for angling your head downwards into a camera in such a way that'll make your eyes look further apart and your jaw very pointedly defined.


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