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As noted by WABeta Info, the rollout of Delete for Everyone is proving “very slow”.That means the update is yet to reach all Whats App users.Young adults lead the pack with an astonishing average of 109.5 messages sent or received on a normal day, while older users text about a dozen times a day.It's easy to see why texting has become more popular: Your messages are waiting whenever you have a chance to take a glance, they're easy to answer and it's faster to skim texts than listen to voicemail.Whats App also says there’s a chance the person you’ve been chatting to may see your message before you try to revoke it, and that you will not be notified if one of your attempts to use Delete for Everyone is unsuccessful.Despite its limitations, Delete for Everyone is a very handy feature that has the potential to rescue lots of users from embarrassing or awkward situations.For better or worse, we now live in an age when calling someone on the phone and actually hearing a live voice answer the call is increasingly unlikely.

Whats App has introduced its long-awaited “Unsend” feature, but it doesn’t appear to be working for all users yet.

An issue for parents is deciding on how to understand slang and acronyms that they may otherwise think are just jibberish.

Such as ‘PIR’ meaning parents in room, or ‘GNOC’ which means “get naked on camera”….

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  1. Funny Answering Machine & Voicemail Messages. Sadly, most people who use answering machines or voice mail have the standard greeting of, "Hi, this is ____. I'm not here. Don't answer, because if you leave your name and number when you hear the tone, we'll throw in a return phone call ABSOLUTELY FREE!

  2. Google's new service lets you send free text messages right from your Gmail window, just like video and phone calls. Send messages. Free Texting and Free calling Pick your girl below and Text for Sex Cheap Sex Text If you're looking to exchange filthy texts with a foxy lady, then you've come to the right place. 2 and all.

  3. Oct 30, 2017. The app now lets you delete messages for everyone in a conversation, making them completely disappear from the chat. WhatsApp's blue ticks show when sent messages have been read, but you can disable them buy going to Settings Account Privacy Read Receipts. 7/12 Type hands-free.

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