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Had dream dating my crush

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Of those 35 or so, only 1 of them involved me getting close to him and it was really nothing; he and I were sitting next to each other in my backyard against a wall and he leaned his head against me.

Dreams that involve him always interest me and make me feel good.

Your scared to go up to him and tell him how you feel. There was the occasional events that brought us together though like a birthday or choir concert.

Get off your chest, go to him and take a few minutes of his time. I was really self conscious to the point where if i felt ugly and he approached me i would just literally turn and walk away.

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Assuming that he or she will reject you before you actually know, saves your from getting hurt.i had a dream and my crush walked up to me and hugged me and kissed me in the cheek.he saiid somethinq dhat i cant recall, but i think he said he didnt want people to see us.Sometimes it is safer and easier to move on if think that they don’t like you back.To dream that your crush rejects you or stood you up, represents your feelings of insecurities and anxieties.If you dream of your crush frequently, then your dream maybe be telling you that it is time to let this person know how you feel, especially if you are dreaming of him or her in a good way.Only good things can happen from you telling your crush.And I agree with @jmah, thinking about the person during the day due to your crush on that person will increase your chances of dreaming about them; having a dream about them in the first place just confirms that you really are attracted to them. It’s certainly not a magical dream message from him telling you he likes you, too.It’s more a reflection, as others have said, of what you are obsessing about.You are afraid to find out how he or she feels about you. I can come up with a number of reasons that you dreamt of your crush (that he is on your mind at many levels is fairly obvious).There will be a number of creative responses to this one . I am more concerned with the part that you appear to be dismissing (that he didn’t want anyone to see us).


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