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House needs updating

We wanted to make this homestead so wonderful, that we would want to own it ourselves," said the series executive producer/director."And, to our dismay, we succeeded." The actual purchasers were Robert and Suzanne Grudem who, with their three children, moved back to the Boston area from Bellevue, Washington.This is a pretty shellbox that I made 2 years ago and never showed you, mainly because I shamelessly copied it from Layla’s mom and she was selling them on Layla’s blog at the time.I don’t think she is anymore, so I will show you my version now.Their challenge: to turn an antique Colonial farmhouse and its classic red barn in Milton, Massachusetts, into their vision of a "dream house" and a assumed the role of both renovator and homeowner.When the series premiered in 1980, producing station WGBH purchased a dilapidated Victorian in Dorchester, Massachusetts—and the rest is history.Think about it:green, blue, khaki, brown go together perfectly, so why not in a bathroom with avocado tiles and aqua countertops. When I found these towels at Homegoods, I knew this was my answer on how to blend those colors.I have no idea what happened back in 1973 that brought in the aqua countertops, but I have a feeling my Dad found them on sale somewhere. So, let’s take a peek back at what this bathroom looked like a few short weeks ago when I first shared it with you.

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Our master carpenter built the next best thing to his version of the ultimate home workshop, on the footprint of the barn's decrepit old ell.In the spirit of celebrating collective wisdom, the team invited a few of its other award-winning PBS colleagues to share their expert opinions and sage advice on key aspects of the renovation.Culinary grande dame Julia Child and chef Marian Morash of collaborated on landscape design, including a dramatic reworking of the driveway.Most of these little shells I actually picked up off the beach.I looked online to try to find out the names of them and did the grid on Excel and printed it off.The best we could come up with around 1985 was adding this lovely pink and seafoam wallpaper.Yeah, that would make this a soothing space, right? Take a look at that horrendous florescent light fixture. I found this pretty squishy soft aqua ruffled rug at Homegoods back on the big shopping spree some bloggers went on and that was my starting point, along with the new towels. I brought in some accessories I already had and reused things from different rooms in my old house in AL and had plenty to fill up this space.Eighteen years later, the public was invited to visit the house that America's favorite home team renovated, before it was sold on the open market.We'd been wanting to do a project like this for quite some time.opened the doors to its 19th season on PBS, it wasn't a new set of homeowners welcoming viewers, but the show's host and master carpenter.In a dramatic twist, the series' producers turned the tables on the team by putting the whole cast in the homeowner's shoes.


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