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How long have lindsay and samantha been dating

When Samantha was presumably in bed, an angry Lindsay stormed up to her house at 6am and repeatedly knocked on the door.

Despite Lindsay and Samantha apparently reconciling in London last month after two months apart, it appears the DJ is reluctant to give her girlfriend the keys to her house again.

Lohan mentioned on air that she initially learned of the plane crash, ” “when I woke up, er, when Samantha and I woke up…”In wrapping up the conversation a few minutes later, Stryker casually asked Lindsay, “Now, you guys, you and Samantha have been going out for how long now? Lohan and Ronson have accompanied each other almost everywhere for over two years now, attend public events together, wear matching rings, kiss in public, and have had their relationship captured in countless photographs. But does acknowledging the relationship with words still matter in an era in which the grocery-shopping, event-attending, ring-wearing and hand-holding behavior of same-sex couples is now reported on almost as often as heterosexual couples?

At 22 and 31, respectively, Lohan and Ronson are among the youngest out lesbian celebrity couples in America.

Remember when everyone was “worried” about Lindsay because she gave up dong and entered into a committed relationship with a woman? Of course, I have no doubt that Lindsay was a total and complete cracktastrophe back then too – I remember the cracked-out Twitter rants, the crackie howls and wails whenever Samantha had little time for Lindsay’s crack drama.

After her late night with Drea, Samantha sent a message to Shooter - who is on tour in New York on Twitter, telling him he 'was missed tonight'.Lindsay Lohan was left red-faced yesterday after her on/off girlfriend Samantha Ronson threw her clothes onto the street after another row.The 23-year-old redhead turned up at Samantha's Hollywood home at 6am on Monday morning - an hour after Samantha returned home alone after a late night with Sopranos actress Drea De Matteo.On Sunday night, Sam met up with Drea for dinner at Nobu in Malibu, before continuing the night elsewhere.Sam, 31, finally returned to her house at 5am and laughed off a paparazzo's assumption of a romantic date with Drea, 37. ” Lohan responded, “A long…a very long time.” "I hope you guys stay together, you’re a very lovely looking couple," Stryker added, to which Lindsay replied, "Thank you very much."Lohan and Ronson are among only a handful of high-profile American celebrities in same-sex relationships, including women like Ellen De Generes, Portia de Rossi, Cynthia Nixon, Sarah Paulson, Cherry Jones, Suze Orman, Heather Matarazzo, Leisha Hailey, and Michelle Paradise.While saying it out loud is arguably no longer a requirement to being out, words still have power — especially to the vast majority of straight Americans for whom the presumption of heterosexuality is so great they simply won’t believe a same-same relationship is true unless it is openly declared." Lohan responded, half-laughing, "A very long time." The rest, as they say, is history.(Audio of the actual exchange can be found here, at the mark.) What's your take?So, Linds was merely copping to a close friendship with Sam Ro? It was Ronson who first spoke to Loveline - in the midst of her DJ set at TV Guide's Emmys after-party at The Kress - to discuss her pals DJ AM and Travis Barker's recent plane crash. After a bit more talk about the plane-crash tragedy, Stryker said to Lo, "You guys, you and Samantha, have been going out for how long now?" As Lohan laughed at the query, Stryker offered, "Like two years, one year, five months, two months...?


  1. Sep 23, 2008 Lindsay Lohan has confirmed what the world has guessed She’s been dating Samantha Ronson “a very long time.” The 22-year-old actress casually told.

  2. Responses to “Lindsay Lohan “has been asking Samantha Ronson for a. that she will have no time for dating as she gets. has been doing for a very long.

  3. LOS ANGELES AP — Lindsay Lohan has confirmed what the world has guessed She’s been dating Samantha Ronson “a very long time.” The 22-year-old actress.

  4. Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson have been photographed by paparazzi several hundreds of times and Lohan finally confirmed the public’s assumption that she and.

  5. Hello, Lindsay Lohan! The 29-year-old actress, who's been playing her cards fairly close to the vest for the past year while continuing to put the pieces of her.

  6. Sep 24, 2008 Clay Aiken is gay, Lindsay Lohan is dating Samantha Ronson, the sky is blue. “You guys, you and Samantha, have been going out for how long now?”

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