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The producer commented “I’m excited for how it will become.

I think the main character’s and Akanishi’s way of life will be very similar and shown on the screen.

(stuff about the director..) The director commented that after reading the script, he felt that Akanishi would be good for the lead role.

They have already started to prepare by having Jin try on the costumes, read the lines, discuss their looks for the character, etc.

jin, pi, ryo, yu and the tennis player like to hang around in one of the bar in tokyo every night and even form a group call “AKANISHI group”, so they had a very good relationship. That’s why I want to believe in my partner, put it that way if I get cheated on, it’s really difficult and I won’t forgive it.

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Still, she continues to stress that they’re just friends writing in her blog, “According to the rest of the world my good friend is my darling! I had an experience of that type myself in the past.

Even if the artist and company are not aware of it, many people can see these.

It seems as though that Kamiji and Crystal Kay are really close friends.

In July, Crystal received a message from Kamiji regarding her ‘5LDK’ that was seen on TV.

At the time it’s as though as if both of them knew each other through a mutual friend of family member.


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