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Kim kardashian tired dating pro athletes

In Kardashian Hollywood, you make just as much money in maintaining enemies as you do in keeping friends -- actually, probably more.

In this virtual universe, the one thing worse than working in retail is being too tired to work at all.

From that point on, Kim Kardashian was indebted to me, a mere shop girl. A fairytale in which you are repeatedly told that you aren’t important and that your outfit looks bad.

From the very beginning of “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood,” it’s understood that appearances are everything.

Once I discovered this, I ignored most of my tasks and spent my game walking around Los Angeles, poking birds, and praying that they would be chock-full of cash.

One of the phrases you’ll read a lot as a player is: “Dating famous people will get you more fans.” In my real life, it would never occur to me to date someone on the basis that it would attract more fans (and this doesn’t seem to be in the cards, since I’m already married), but in "Kardashian: Hollywood," I decided to date absolutely anything that moved. When the option presented itself to “network” or “flirt,” I always chose “flirt,” and the payoff was substantial. By incessantly flirting with every person in the game, I ran into a problem.

” Intellectually, I knew that these were just digital people, a collection of zeroes and ones decked out in spike heels and funky miniskirts, but dammit if they didn’t bruise my virtual pride a little bit.

At first, as I watched my avatar roam around her day job, I took her lackadaisical stance and eye rolls as indicators of professional listlessness -- perhaps an existential yen to one day reach even higher than the So Chic Boutique.

But, as it turns out, that’s her default stance throughout the entire game.

In fact, that’s how every woman in "Kardashian: Hollywood" appears.


  1. They also answer whether they get tired of the cameras following them. Kim Kardashian is finally settling down. Pro Athletes' Wives & Girlfriends.

  2. Aug 10, 2015. Exclusive New research shows up to half of female athletes find periods affect their performance, though less than a quarter have sought medical advice about it. “Every woman is different but any woman who has bad or heavy periods will know you feel overwhelmingly tired. “I'd get really achey legs and.

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