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Leonard whiting and olivia hussey dating disable dating in japan

It's easy to see why Zeffirelli would think his Juliet could also play Mary.But it took the veteran Hollywood director William Riead to see Teresa in Olivia, and to hire special-effects wizard Kevin Haney to do the elaborate make-up.It was Haney's team who spent four hours each day turning Jim Carrey into the Grinch, and it will take the same amount of time to transform Olivia in her new film, which is titled simply Teresa."They can add wrinkles to my face, but I will have to bend a lot to seem five inches shorter.Mother Teresa was only four foot seven."The film sounds like a worthy project, but as she talks earnestly about it, I can't help wondering why an actress of her stunning beauty isn't enjoying a more glamorous career.

Looking into her big brown eyes, I can see the playful but vulnerable Juliet.It overwhelmed me, so I just ran away from it the first chance I got."She might have spent years hiding at her mother's little house in Wimbledon, but she was lured away from this safe retreat by a young American who had fallen in love with her screen image and tracked her down.He was Dean Paul Martin, the son of the famous crooner.Dino was his father's favourite and had become moderately famous in his own right as a budding rock star in America.Swept off her feet by Dino, she followed him to Los Angeles, where they married on her 20th birthday.What I can't see is the dour Mother Teresa."I've wanted to play her for 20 years," Hussey says, in a soft but determined tone."I'm a very spiritual person and admire her deeply.Her figure is still girlishly slender, her hair long and thick, her face unlined.The only things that surprise me are her height - she is just five foot two, but has always seemed taller in films - and her slight Spanish accent.He and my mother divorced when I was only two." A popular singer in Buenos Aires, Andreas Osuna did not follow his English wife, Joy, when she took little Olivia and son Andrew to London.Without the father's support, the family struggled.


  1. Fanpop quiz Was Leonard Whiting and Olivia Hussey dating when they were filming the 1968 released year, of "Romeo & Juliet?" - See if you can answer this Romeo and Juliet 1968 trivia question!

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