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Libra dating capricorn

a:hover .blog-post .byline a #tabs a:hover #tab1 ul li a:hover .testi-inner cite a .portfolio-main span:hover .blog-post .byline a:hover .post_cats a .post_cats a:hover .side-widget p .categorybox1 h3 .comment-link .Without a doubt, Libra men are the Don Juans of the zodiac.There are times when Capricorn loses respect for the only talking no walking type Libran who is more of a people pleaser.When Libra and Capricorn remain together at extremes their relationship becomes synonymous to disaster.Both the partners in this union look marriage as their final stage, which lays the foundation stone of harmony in their relationship.

Capricorn might take Librans as a lazy bone but if they give a deep though they will understand how much their Libran counterpart has achieved in life.

Libra’s instinct sometimes leads them to say the correct things but Capricorn sometimes need to remain alone in their own company.

As for the Libra and Capricorn couple the fun loving Libran brings life to the otherwise boring life of home-loving Capricorn.

The cavernous depth of cool minded Capricorn lets BLibran keep on guessing about their feelings, which is taken a pleasure task by the fun loving Librans.

It doesn’t take much time for Librans to understand that their ability to become super-smart will help them in winning the heart of a Capricorn.


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