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List of antihistamine sedating non

It is sometimes used along with Vitamin B6 to stop morning sickness during pregnancy.

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Pyribenzamine is known to be abused recreationally with the opiate pentazocine.Common side effects of pyribenzamine use are dry mouth, nausea, gastrointestinal irritation, and dizziness.Clemastine is indicated for the treatment of allergy symptoms, including rhinitis and pruritus (itching or hives).Profound drowsiness is a very common side effect, as is dizziness, difficulty concentrating, and urinary retention.Hydroxyzine is used for allergies and to suppress nausea.Doctors frequently recommend antihistamines over common prescription sleep aids when the patient has insomnia because of drug and alcohol withdrawal.This strategy is thought to reduce the risk of cross dependence.Antihistamines make your sleepy by antagonizing central histimine-1 (H-1) receptors in the brain.The ones you see in over-the-counter sleep aids are usually diphenhydramine and hydroxyzine.Although it is a sedative antihistamine, its effects are less intense than many other drugs of this nature.The side effects of clemastine are greatly dependent on the dose, and sometimes can produce contradictory responses.


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