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The Grants were consistenly Royalists and took part in the notable battle on the haughs of Cromdale which gave its name to the pipe tune made famous by being played by Piper Findlater of the Gordon Highlanders at the balltle of Dargai in 1897. CTC 1/4/2015 Had a smart match on Geni that I followed which led to a new site called Wiki-tree. Most information I gathered came from following line after line after relative after relative on to get back this far. He tried to gain an interview with General Fremont who was stationed in a neighboring state and, failing in this, sought out Mc Clellan, his comrade in the Mexican War, who had been made a major-general and was then in the vicinity of Covington, Ken- tucky, where Grant had gone to visit his par- ents.In the Jacobie Risings the Clan supported the Hanoverian side, but the Grants of Glenmoriston supported the Jacobite cause. On there I found the following information of which there seemed to be possibly several issues concerning his ancestry and one of his wife's. The following information now brings in a new site with additional information that also NEEDS FURTHER FOLLOW UP CONFIRMATION OF ACCURACY, but I will list it here for further research: Matthew Grant Born October 27, 1601 [location unknown] Son of [father unknown] and [mother unknown] Husband of Priscilla (Unknown) Grant — married November 16, 1625 in Englandmap Husband of Susannah Capin — married May 29, 1645 in Windsor, Hartford, Connecticutmap Father of Priscilla (Grant) Humphrey, Samuel Grant, Tahan Grant and John Grant Died December 16, 1681 in Windsor, Hartford, Connecticutmap Profile managers: Sue Fitzpatrick private message [send private message], Tom Bredehoft private message [send private message], Geoff Grant private message [send private message], Katherine Patterson private message [send private message], Anonymous S private message [send private message], Lyman Carpenter private message [send private message], Alan Butchino private message [send private message], and Carolyn Boze private message [send private message] This page has been accessed 2,953 times. But Mc Clellan either would not or could not see him.[For historical accuracy's sake, rumor has it that during President U. Grant's administration, some over-enthusiastic genealogist traced his (Grant's) ancestry back, found a brick wall at Priscilla Grey's parents and either purposely invented or erroneously assumed a descendancy from the Tudor kings of England. MATTHEW Grant, the emigrant ancestor, was one of the original company who came, in 1630, to Dorchester, Mass., in the Mary and John, with Maverick and Warham.This was soundly disproved about 1916, and for the last 95 years the error has continued. THB] He m2 in Windsor Susanna (Capen) Rockwell, dau of Bernard Capen and widow of William Rockwell. (All of Matthew's children were born to his first wife Priscilla)[10] Info on Windsor's first church, of which Matthew was the clerk. He was admitted a freeman 18 May, 1631, and continued in Dorchester till the removal of the company which settled Windsor, of which he was a prominent member.The fact that parts of Watertown were given to Weston in 1713, Waltham in 1738, Cambridge in the part where Christopher Grant lived in 1754 and Belmont in 1859, presented a few problems.Whether the ship bringing the Grants and others here in 1630 was named the "John and Mary" or "the Mary and John" is not important. In Dawes and Families, "a history of some of the passengers on the "John and Mary, " "Early Settlers of Watertown" by Bond, and an article in the Boston Globe in 1927 the ship ws referred to as the "John and Mary", Grants in Scotland and England.Mary Walton Ferris also treated Matthew Grant (Dawes-Gates 0-79).[5] Matthew was born .[7] He emigrated in 1630, residing initially in Dorchester, then removing to Windsor by 1635. The rest of the time he was at Orchard Knob or Indian Hill, from which he saw the … Matthew Grant came to America on the MARY & JOHN in 1630. Just and exceedingly conscientious in all his dealings. Priscilla Grey, wife of Matthew Grant has been proved not to be the daughter of Rev. Tahan b 1633; m 1st January 22, 1662 Hannah Palmer; 2nd ca 1690 Hannah Bissell 5.He m1 Priscilla _____[8] She died at Windsor , age 43y 2m[9] Priscilla's ancestry was disproved in the New England Historical Society Record, 13. Married 1st Priscilla Grey b February 27, 1601; d April 1644; 2nd 1645 Susanna (Capen) Rockwell, wid of William and dau of Bernard Capen. John b April 20, 1642; d July 22, 1684; m August 2, 1720 Mary Hull dau George The Kinnears and Their Kin Page 318 1034.

The Chiefship of Clan Grant remains in Lords Strathapey." Pipe Music; Stand fast Craigillachie Crest Badge: A Mountain inflamed, Proper War Cry; Stand Fast Gaelic Name; Grannd, orgin of name, French Grand Plant Badge: Pine the 42nd or Black Watch Tartan is Worn...... From History of the Town of Stonington, County of New London, Connecticut, by Richard Anson Wheeler, 1900: MATHEW GRANT, the progenitor and emigrant ancestor of the Grant family of New England, was b. He was admitted a freeman in the Massachusetts Colony in 1631, but did not long remain in Dorchester, for as early as 1635, he took an active part in forming the company that migrated to Windsor, Conn., and went with them to that place, and was elected first town clerk thereof, which office he held for a good many years. Langholf-2 , 19 November 2013 (EST) Contents [hide]•1 Origins •2 Biography[6] •3 Last Will & Testament[12] •4 Children •5 Note •6 Sources •7 Footnotes On , "mother Mathew Grant died" at Windsor. at night, and a clearer atmosphere displayed the long line of our camp-fires, marking the position from which our troops were to spring the next day, in glorious triumph, upon the enemy.

This ancient Scottish clan name is of Norman and French Origin.

It is derived from Le Grand, meaning the great, distinguished person.

Captain Squeb, Master of the vessel was supposed to land the travelers on the Charles river where a place for them had been suggested, consonant with Rev. But on their arrival May 30, 1630 at the barren, uninhabited Nantasket Point, Squeb put them and their cattle and goods ashore, much to their complaint and displeasure, claiming that his unfamiliarity with the coast line there abouts made any other plan unsafe.

This left the 140 emigrants at least 12 miles across the bay from where they had expected to land, and nearly 8 miles where Boston later stood.


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