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Men questions dating

Luckily, straight people have evolved enough in the last decade or so to not ask questions so #uncool -- but that doesn't mean the curiosity is gone. With that, Buzz Feed has paired three straight men with three gay men to ask questions about being gay, including penis size, the feminine/masculine debate and bottoming vs.

topping -- the very thing my friend was asking me about all those years ago.

In my opinion, this question just shows that he’s calculating how soon we’ll be hooking up, which is just tacky.

This is information you’ll get eventually, but maybe we can keep it light and positive on the first few dates, please? Seriously, why does a man need to know if I live alone?

Meaning: Instead of asking “What do you do for fun? ” and from there, I’ll get to learn what the person enjoys doing in their free time.

Instead of being in the moment and asking about things based on the person we’re with, people come with these dating interview questions that they use on everyone they’ve ever met, and expect sparks to fly with generic inquisitions. I call these annoying dating questions, but they might just be lazy dating questions.

” The world already gives single girls the side-eye; there really is no need to bring up singledom on dates.

You’re so pretty, I’m surprised someone hasn’t taken you off the market!


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