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While she sees that both want to help their clients as best they can with the tools given, she can’t help but understand that the language of care coming from them and their respected institutions are polar opposites.She writes, “I think it all comes down to hiring practices.These are only a sprinkle of the existential reasons that makes ’s narrative both radical and subversive.SEXY suggests desire and seduction and is immediately contrasted with thirty-five, years of fear, stigma, paranoia, and death in the term HIV .Bryn utilized this story to expose not only the stigma and ignorance surrounding HIV but also the immense transphobia and transmisogyny embedded inside the cis consciousness.This makes ’s transgender label so crucial to her thinking and her commitment to transliberation.In a post titled “Medicaid Mental Health Bureaucracy: Sooooo boring,” Bryn makes clear how the current systems of HIV/AIDS services for poor folk and people on welfare assumes certain levels of linguistic and technological literacy.She retells a simple story of how her basic computer skills, access to the Internet, a cell phone, and her ability to track down a ghost mental health HMO in the vast density of New York City affords her a small level of comfort; that, although she’s stuck in a cruel maze, she knows that others navigating the same routes, with few-to-none of the same skills, must be holding a much sicker kind of knowledge: One that tells them they are lost and being ignored by bureaucratic systems of care.

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I met Bryn as a 2013 Fellow at Lambda Literary Foundation’s Emerging LGBT Writers Retreat.

Not only does she unapologetically state that she is a SEXY HIV TRANSWOMAN but she knows exactly how you are reading those words.

You are walking along that headline with trepidation, with some kind of PC shyness.

Bryn would often recount a timeless tale via social media about an anonymous commentator on The who asks if he was exposed to HIV after sex with a transgender sex worker.

The man in the story would be rambling off paranoid questions that he might have become HIV after using a condom with a transwoman or something even more banal like a back alley blowjob or handjob.


  1. Mar 1, 2016. While The Hussy is both a diary of her misadventures in dating and sex across Brooklyn, as well as a collection of stream of consciousness musing on gender. She retells a simple story of how her basic computer skills, access to the Internet, a cell phone, and her ability to track down a ghost mental health.

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  3. Jan 20, 2018. I'm pretty open about my misadventures in dating these days and it's cathartic and fun! However, I discovered that out of the thousands in that group, there are many women who may not have a lot of dating experience, or who struggle with self-esteem that directly affects how much dating they choose to do.

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  5. Mar 31, 2006. But that's not enough for the Internet's fastest-growing relationship service. Unlike other photo personal sites, eHarmony offers its services to singles. Writer Tenowich offers a bit of solace to Claassen from her own misadventures in dating. She claims he's not missing out by being banned from eHarmony.

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