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The Lord has told us that a Cancer is in His Church and it is so deep inside of the infrastructure of the Church that it cannot be saved," they claim. Although we are clothed spiritually with the Spirit of Christ, we have been called to stand naked before the Church to prophesy as a warning to wake up before it is too late."They say that nudity is used in a "desexualized" manner during their sessions, however they admit their rituals involve more than just praying."While the recipient is laying on a massage table nude, they relax into a lucid prayerful, as well as, vulnerable state," reads a statement on the Livingston's website.

"The administer prays for the recipient from head to toe, both front and back ...

An Illinois appeals court granted a man custody of his two daughters whose mother was involved in church rituals where members would engage in naked prayer therapy sessions with their pastor.

The mother, who is unidentified, appealed the ruling in Cook County last week claiming that the decision was unfair and that her religious freedom was violated, but a three-judge panel disagreed."When a parent puts his/her children in a social setting with naked adults, and encourages his (or her) daughter to receive therapy from a man who sometimes, in the course of therapy, digitally penetrates the vaginas of the recipients of his therapy, the evidence sufficiently supports a finding that the parent exposed his/her children to an injurious environment," stated the court ruling published by the First District Appellate Court, reports the Chicago Tribune.

But you don’t have to look for something larger here; something pretentious or even seedy. Because people can’t seem to accept its simplicity.

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  1. Jun 29, 2017. The state's comptroller has said the state is in "massive crisis mode."

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