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Not returning calls dating

Assuming he was interested enough to give me his number, I *will* call him and leave a message. I usually consider such a response (or, more aptly, such a nonresponse) to show a lack of class, character and/or social graces. Some woman don't return calls, because they feel that it's the mans job to pursue them. She should get some kind of clue from your message who joe is... I have 3-dozen phone numbers by now, and I always call. I'd not get on well with such an individual anyway, so I chalk it up to being a blessing in disguise and move on. But I'm requesting that the MEN who indulge in such activity also explain their reasoning...aside from the "candy store" mentality. )Take care, B*Posted By: Classact504 on 7/30/2006 Subject: Not returning phone calls? However, calling twice and leaving messages should be enough for any reasonable person... One more thing: if woman flake, it's usualy always something you did a bit before that causes this. I've read so many threads here from women complaining "why men ask for your number but never call", well . This is happening so often that I now have a 2-call policy, I call them twice and if they don't call back they're history . There’s a phrase that we like to live by at The Art of Charm: Don’t chase women, deals or street cars.There’s always another one — often a better one — just around the corner.Use your time and energy wisely and walk away from situations where you aren’t getting out what you’re putting in.Don’t Be Surprised If She Comes Back In a lot of cases, you might find that she shows a lot more interest when you start showing less.(Actually, come to think about it, I often use the same parameters with social female friends, as well..cases abound and are not gender-specific, y'know. Personally, I don't understand the phenomenon with women OR men. )But I, like you, have a "two-call policy" under the same circumstances with a man who has shared his number with me. Like you, I also feel it is extraordinarily rude and indicative of antisocial behavior. ) But I know it does happen, again, without regard to gender. I found that calling in the early evening on weekdays or between 11am-1pm on weekends has the best chance of getting them on the phone. I want to hear some answers from "ladies" that play this game.

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Now that we’ve given you the bad news, it’s time to move on to the good news.

How long after you get their number of you calling? Assuming that the above doesn't help, then there's probably something wrong with how you setup things that lead to the exchange of phone-numbers. What I wrote was:"Hey funny-nickname-you-had-for-her-in-your-emails.

If you wait too long they may feel like you are just using them as the plan "B" girl and are not really interested. Right man a few tips1 never call her the next day (leave a day) this shows you got a life and not chasing every women on sight.2 keep the phone call short and sweet for eg (Hi its "NAME" just calling to see how your doing I enjoyed our chat (wot day) heres my number if you didn't catch it (number) hope to hear from you bye Tip say your number slow and clear this will help her you may know your number by heart but she don't3 if she don't call by 2 days to a week max (credit and stuff) then move on works for mewhoops.

Start training yourself to think in these terms: There are tons of great women out there. Rather than spending it trying to get someone to be interested in you, we advise that you use your time to find people who are interested in you.

Both your time and your energy are better spent moving on and finding someone else.


  1. Johnny happened upon the field of Social Dynamics and dating coaching quite by accident. Having been a touring musician much of his life, he felt the need to.

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