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Visiting will give you a glimpse of ancient Indian history, particularly history of two of the biggest Indian empires, which is collected here.Splendid sculptures created in the Mauryan era and Gupta period are stored here, and you will also see the incredible bronze Buddhist statuary. Beautiful paintings created in the early 19th-century by Thomas and William Daniells also attract visitors across the globe.See our full list of recommended hotels in Patna and also compare the prices with airbnbs in Patna You can’t visit India without going to a temple. Previously, it was just a nondescript little structure, but in 1987, the temple was given the modern touch.However, devotees visit this temple not because of its architectural beauty, but to pay homage to Lord Hanuman.Take this list along with you, and this way, you will never miss any important destinations.October to March is the best time to explore Patna, India, so start planning today! To learn more about the history of Patna, it is imperative to explore Nalanda, which is an ancient university.All that’s left of this great ancient university in modern times is just a ruined structure.

There is a ferry terminal nearby, where you can take a boat ride at a cheap price. You are going to love Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park, and especially if you are traveling with kids, this is the destination you must visit first.Let’s tour the eastern state of India and explore the great history of the place called Patna. The actual name of the place was Patiliputra, which later turned into Patna.The name may have changed, but the city still holds the same glory.It was established in 450 BC by Buddhist monks and is thought to have accommodated over 10,000 students and 2,000 teachers, and hosted Buddha Siddhartha himself.Invaders ruined this ancient Indian university and today, the remains are spread across an area which has now become a famous tourist destination.It was first established in 1969 as a botanical garden.Now, you can see around 300 species of captivating trees, herbs, and shrubs.When you look at its wall, you will read an old carved sign that says, ‘For the perpetual prevention of famine in these provinces.’ Fortunately, the Golghar has never come into use and now it has become a famous tourist destination. After all, you are in a place that has its own great history and Bihar Museum is one of the largest in South Asia.This museum will introduce you to the great ethnic groups of Bihar, and displays the finest art of the Patna history.This marvelous monument built with red brick was once the greatest university in ancient times.You can also see stupas that lie in the middle of the university.


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